Monday, October 27, 2014

Feel the fear and Do it Anyway


I've just spent the last 30 minutes reading thoroughly enjoyable blog posts from all over the world. More inspiration than this girl can handle.
I have about 6 tops ready to layer, baste and quilt. YEAH for what's the problem you may ask??? I'm scared of FMQ !!! I have never done it ( yes I have some practice sandwiches, 4 placemats and a few other little bits of practice )
but - to start on a top I lovingly pieced? well....I am petrified.

I've read you just have to "DO IT" and the more you do, the better you get.
SO: first up?
This One Block Wonder quilt - I made this in 2013. I saw a OBW quilt in a local quilt shop, was stunned and said - I HAVE TO MAKE ONE.
Promptly bought the book, went home and read it from cover to cover.

For those of you who don't know, a OBW (one block wonder) quilt is made with
ONE, yes ONE fabric and ONE type (a hexagon - pieced from 6 EXACT triangles) of block. I bought the book by Maxine Rosenthal and went to work.

Here is the end result:

I am really happy with this quilt. Truly, my third quilt since the one I made for my Mom 13 years earlier (the one that started my addiction to fabric) and renewed my life-long love of sewing. I have NO IDEA how to quilt this. I need help - can you PLEASE offer some suggestions? keep in mind - this will be amongst my first quilts to quilt myself and it is big, apprx. 88" x 72".

It needs a name, any suggestions??

Have a great day ...........


  1. It's looks quite amazing! I had no idea what OBW was...Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks so much! They are quite easy to piece as long as you keep the triangles oriented within each block. The secret to success is in the fabric selection - then your layout of the kaleidoscope blocks.
      I actually had this top put together in about a week. Quickest top ever.


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