Friday, February 6, 2015


I wasn't horrified when I saw the 2015 color of the year-- MARSALA--but I didn't really love it either. I was pretty sure that I had one or two fat quarters that had some of that color in them, but if I wanted to explore this color further - I was also pretty sure it would mean buying some fabric. I was strongly against this concept as I have vowed to Sew from my STASH exclusively for this whole year!! I have a beautiful selection of fabric and I need to start cutting and using all the lovelyness that it is. I have not put a moratorium on purchases - but somethings gotta give here or I may as well put a FOR SALE sign in front of the house I just moved into......LOL

See what I mean??? Look at all that goodness! Well, as I revisited each shelf in my new Hemnes cabinets from Ikea, I started pulling fabrics that had even a small bit of Marsala in them. I was REALLY surprised at the pile I ended up with when I finished scouring the shelves.

So, assuming that I am on the right track here with this - I am thinking about entering the Pantone Color of the Year Challenge. I first read about this on Adrianne's blog - On the Windy Side a few weeks ago - here is the link to her post on that. I have so many other projects I've got going on and many more that I want to start, I'm not quite sure how to fit this into my schedule.

Will you be starting anything with Marsala??


  1. Love how your blog is looking! Very clean and shows your work beautifully! But I really, really LOVE your Ikea cabinets with fabric! I will definitely have to look into these for my new sewing room! Marsala is a tricky color. I have no color bias but I am never sure whether the maroon (remember that old name) fabric is really Marsala or is it really just a brownish red. Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. Kathy, thank you so much for the kind compliments. It is very rewarding as I struggle with every aspect of computer technology. Let me tell you, those cabinets saved my sanity!!! My previous system was the good ole 3 drawer plastic "chests" and I had about, ummmm 7? of them. It was such a mess, especially since the plastic frames cracked from the weight of the fabric. When I moved I thought long and hard about what I wanted - and I decided to opt for the more expensive Hemnes which are wood over the Billy which are MDF. I am so happy I went this route, I only plan on doing this once and these will last the rest of my life. You won't be sorry to add them to your studio in your new lake home,
      Regarding Marsala - yes call it what you will but is really is MAROON - just with a sassy new name for the 21st century. LOL


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